Wave 4 of Ethereum Foundation grant announced

The list of grantees


  • Non-Custodial Payment Channel Hub​​ – $420K. Payment upon delivery for the open source SDK release built by Spankchain, Kyokan, and Connext at Devcon 4
  • Prototypal​​ – $375K. Front-end state channel research and development.
  • Finality Labs​​ ​​– $250K. Development of Forward-Time Locked Contracts (FTLC).
  • Kyokan​​ ​​– $250K. Development of production ready mainnet Plasma Cash & Debit plugins.
  • Atomic Cross-Chain Transactions – $65K. Research led by Maurice Herlihy of Brown University.
  • EthSnarks​​ ​​– $40K. Development of a cross-compatible SDK for zkSNARKS to be viable on Ethereum.


  • Flintstones – $120K. Further development of the Flint Language including a security focused IDE by Susan Eisenbach of Imperial College London.

Usability (DevEx)

  • TrueBlocks ​​– $120K. Open source block explorer.
  • Gitcoin​​ – $100K. Funding bounties on Gitcoin.
  • VulcanizeDB ​​– $75K. “Community sourced” block explorer.
  • Buidler ​​– $50K. Development of modular alternative to Truffle based on Ethers.js.
  • Ethdoc​​ – $25K. Open source tool for organization and interaction of smart contract codebases.
  • Ethers.js​​ – $25K. Support for ricmoo to continue development and maintenance of Ethers.js.
  • Kauri​​ – $25K. Funding documentation bounties on Kauri.


  • Magic Money Tree (Dark Crystal) – $50K. Tool for securely storing and recovering keys and secrets through a multisig design by the Secure Scuttlebutt Team.


Client Diversity

  • Sigma Prime​​ – $150K. Lighthouse Eth 2.0 client in Rust.
  • Prysmatic Labs – $500K. Eth 2.0 Prysm client.
  • Status ​​– $500K. Eth 2.0 client in Nim.

Source : Ethereum Blog