Ethereum’s Ropsten testnet, stalled then forked on Constantinople launch

Code for ethereum’s upcoming hard fork, dubbed Constantinople, was set to be activated on Ropsten at block number 4,230,000.

what happened :

  • Ropsten stalled at block 4,299,999 as miners did not update to the new code.
  • A bug was discovered by security lead for the Ethereum Foundation Martin Holst Swende, one which caused two different iterations of the same software upgrade to run on testnet.
  • Consesus issue seems to have been different implementations of EIP-1283, SSTORE opcode SSTORE opcode between Parity and Geth.
  • Mainnet launch is delayed to 2019.

Learnings :

  • Never fork on weekends
  • Make bug fixes on the relevant clients and converge to the geth chain again.

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