Duelling posts about crypto adoption from A16Z and Pierre rochard

Scott Kupor of A16Z talks about How Institutional investors should think about crypto. Laying out the following

  • Institutions should think of crypto as a subset of VC, like fintech, AI, and so-on.
  • Liquid ( meant listed on an exchange ) tokens are akin to public stocks, and looking for a outside manager follows the same mental model as hiring an active manager for public equities exposure
  • Regulatory and consumer protection considerations still exist.

Source : Scott Kupor A16Z blog

Pierre Rochard of the Noded Podcast and BitcoinAdvisory.com lays out the following

  • Bitcoin and pre-mined public tokens are non-performing assets, and are used as currencies.
  • Speculating on currencies is not investment
  • Institutions should consider exposure to Bitcoin as broad exposure to crypto as markets are highly correlated.
  • “Institutional investors should figure out their speculative allocation to bitcoins as a growth currency separately from figuring out their investment allocation to venture funds. These allocations are backed by very different value accrual theses and face different risks”

Source : Pierre RochardĀ  Medium