Decred launches poleitia, turns over control of DCR 570,000 to Decred Stakeholders

Decred takes a step in decentralizing their proposal system. Now all releases of Treasury funds will require a stakeholder vote.

Things to note,

  • The venn diagram of people and entities who have control over Decred’s treasury pre and post poleitia is interesting.
  • JAKE YOCOM-PIATT – will be still required to sign off on transactions as the Development Org’s Manager.
  • There will be a individual vetting process before being allowed to bill for their work, (per seat vetting for companies)
  • Currently, roughly 60% of the monthly Treasury payout is spent on development.

Jake talks about taking a thoughtful approach to spinning up new initiatives as this is a new and big change.

A huge +1 from the standardmeta team to the Decred folks for outlining their goals and processes like this.

Source : Decred Blog