Daily Reads 10-25-2018

Tether to destroy 500MM USDT from its treasury wallet

This they say is because tether has redeemed a significant portion of USDT from the circulating supply. This should be visible on the Omni blockchain.

Sources : Tether Release , Omni Blockchain

Air Canada has signed a Letter of Intent to participate in a blockchain based platform developed by Winding Tree.

Keith Wallis Director of Global Product Distribution for AirCanada -” We plan to integrate Air Canada’s Direct Connect API with Winding Tree’s public blockchain platform, giving blockchain-savvy users the ability to access our content directly from the source”
Questions: Isn’t that what the API is for? To access AirCanada’s product from the source?
What exactly does the blockchain component do?

Sources : Air Canada Newswire Release

Oracle launches Blockchain Applications built on Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service(implementing Hyperledger Fabric)

Applications for traceability of goods(Intelligent Track and Trace),managing the lifecycle of serial numbers(Lot Lineage and Provenance), and auditable verifiable asset tracking(Warranty and Usage Tracking).

Sources : Oracle Release

Binance details their 2018 West Japan Donation Effort

They worked with local charities and people to distribute funds.
Kudos to them for helping during a time of need. They have released the following infographic
Isn’t the point of blockchains to do away with intermediaries and have direct value transfers?

Source: Binance Medium

Japan’s Financial Services Agency has accredited The Japan virtual currency exchange Dealers Association as a Industry self regulatory body.

Both the FSA and the JVCEA cite  Article 87 of the Law on Fund Settlement.
JVCEA also says it has started enforcing these regulations from October 24th.

Sources : JVCEA Announcement , FSA Website

Infosys Finacle announces partnership with R3 to implement two blockchain based solutions

Finacle Trade Connect (for full suite trading) and Finacle Payments Connect (for real time payment on a permissioned payments network)

Source : Infosys Release

Taiwanese financial authority Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) is working on a national standard for ICOs to make virtual currencies as easy to access as stocks.

Source : Taipei Times

Japan’s SBI and Sepior group announce at Money2020, an integration of sepior wallet technology with their exchange platform VCTRADE.

Source : Sepior Release

Novatti launches a stablecoin on the stellar network, pegged to the Australian dollar.

The funds are to be held in a trust by Novatti( via licensed subsidiary Flexewallet Pty Ltd).
Source : Finextra

NASDAQ gets a patent from USPTO to “secure and disseminate time sensitive information using a blockchain”

Source : USPTO Database

Decentraland to hold the first open poll on version 2 of their off-chain voting app, Agora.

People can cast a weighted vote on agora.decentraland.com and the results will “inform” their development team.
You must have MANA to vote.

Sources : Decentraland Blog, Agora

Spedn – a smart contract language for Bitcoin Cash

It is statically typed – detects many errors at compile time
It is explicitly typed – no guessing what the expression is supposed to return
It is purely-functional – free of side effects, the common source of bugs
It has a familiar C-like syntax

Source : Tendo Pein Blog, spedn docs