Canadian court result could have major implications on ownership

The facts of the case are thus

  • Brian Wall pays for 530 CPY (currently worth 25CAD) from CopyTrack during their ICO
  • Copytrack sends Wall 530 ETH (currently worth 121,000 CAD)
  • Copytrack sues Wall for the ETH, Wall refuses initially, then agrees to return the ETH
  • Wall subsequently dies without transferring the ETH

Justice Skolrood issued the following ruling:

“An order that Copytrack be entitled to trace and recover the 529.8273791 Ether Tokens received by Wall from Copytrack on 15 February 2018 in whatsoever hands those Ether Tokens may currently be held.”

This raises questions about censor ability, coercion resistance and jurisdictional powers that affect crypto.

Source : CCN