Track KPIs that matter.

Make critical decisions faster, with fewer resources, and with greater confidence.

Frictionless decision making.

All the fundamental information is available on one screen.

Get a Head start on analysis

No need to scour the internet for data sources. Use our data models

Streamline your research process

Minimize leg work, save 100s of hours on research. Our reports get you up to speed in one read.

What can you do ?

Interactive dashboards

Visualize datasets for insights. You’ll have access to pre-configured maps, charts, and advanced visualizations to understand the data quickly

Get answers to your questions

Want SQL? Write SQL. Hate SQL? Use our visual tool. You no longer have to wait for complex data pipeline

Be the first to know

Use our alerts to be among the first to know when there is an update for the projects that interest you.

What types of data can you access?


Comprehensive pricing data spanning multiple tokens, exchanges and countries.


Normalized, Parsed and easy to read blockchain data from multiple blockchains.


Usage, Downloads, Vendors, Regulation data, Transparency and much more.


Reports and data generated by the analysis team at Standard Meta.


Metrics like Time of Use, Treasuries, Outliers, and comparisions between multiple datasets.

Independant Blockchain Analysis Privacy, Terms