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What is Standard Meta?

Standard Meta is a collaborative effort to curate meta data on blockchain projects.

What does standard meta do?

Metadata repository

All the information you need as a user, researcher or buyer (in that order).


Ongoing Updates

Quarterly updates,Team changes,Token Updates.


Analysis & research

What problem does this dApp/Project want to solve?
Product Roadmap analysis.
(For Supporters)

What Standard Meta is not -

Investment advice, Paid promotion service, financial analysis.
The core team may consult on these and other topics but the focus here is consumer education and application due diligence.


OC Logo

This project is on Open Collective for a reason.
It serves as a guide to the public and people building block chain applications.
I promise all data gathered here will be open access.


Naveen Mishra

I am Naveen. I have been looking at white papers and forum posts long enough and wanted to create an easy way to analyse projects.

Form NameDescriptionFrequencySpec
SM - I1Project IntroductionProject DescriptionGithub Spec
SM - TS1Token Sale DescriptionAt Token SaleGithub Spec
SM - Q1Recurring updateQuarterlyGithub Spec
SM - WP1White paper reviewlaunchGithub Spec
SM - AD1change descriptionad-hocGithub Spec

Data is free, Information is not.

Because this is an open access, distributed project, all the raw data I gather here will be free.Insights generated from this data will be shared with supporters/contributers of this project.You can request custom research and consultation.Read more on our blog and contribute on opencollective.