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Naveen Mishra

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I am building this to ensure the widest possible adoption for crypto. Built startups and consulted for large enterprises in the past, got the crypto bug when researching incentive mechanisms for a crowd-sourcing project.

Project - STAR

Standard Analysis & Reporting - Our Community of analysts and researchers who make crypto transparent. Join Project Star.

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We are growing rapidly and looking for people who are passionate about crypto. Here are a few roles we are looking for -(head on over to Angellist)
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#buidling the tools to increase transparency, standardization and awareness in the crypto space

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Crypto Projects use PDFs because that is how the Bitcoin whitepaper was released. Use our Standard Template to stand out from the crowd. Time to #doBetter

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Do you need a blockchain? Do you need to ICO? What problems are you solving? See if you make the standard grade to #buidlBetter.

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Tired of hearing un-necessary complicated jargon. Cut through the noise, #understandBetter.


Understand what really decentralization means at the Token, Code, Network, User and Project levels.

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