Gates foundation Deputy Director, Principal Technologist tweets Interledger implementation

MIller Abel tweeted that they are partnering with Ripple and Coil to implement Interledger and explore how Mojaloop can support pro-poor payment systems.

Source : Miller Abel Twitter

US SEC Launches New Strategic Hub for Innovation and Financial Technology

The US SEC launches a strategic hub for innovation and financial technology led by Valerie A. Szczepanik, Senior Advisor for Digital Assets and Innovation and Associate Director in the SEC’s Division of Corporation Finance.

The FinHub will:

  • Provide a portal for industry and the public to engage directly with SEC staff on innovative ideas and technological developments;
  • Publicize information regarding the SEC’s activities and initiatives involving FinTech on the FinHub page;
  • Engage with the public through publications and events, including a FinTech Forum focusing on distributed ledger technology and digital assets planned for 2019;
  • Act as a platform and clearinghouse for SEC staff to acquire and disseminate information and FinTech-related knowledge within the agency; and
  • Serve as a liaison to other domestic and international regulators regarding emerging technologies in financial, regulatory, and supervisory systems

Ms. Szczepanik said, “By launching FinHub, we hope to provide a clear path for entrepreneurs, developers, and their advisers to engage with SEC staff, seek input, and test ideas.”

The SEC also has a form to engage with them here

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Glassdoor report shows growing demand in talent for blockchain

Despite regulatory uncertainty, Glassdoor reports a 300% growth increase in blockchain related jobs in August 2018 (1775) as compared to the same period last year.

  • The median salary for blockchain-related job openings is $84,884 per year.
  • 19% of the jobs listed were for software engineers
  • New York City , San Francisco and San Jose are the top accounting for 51% of the jobs

Source : Glassdoor Economic Research Blog


Civil ICO fails, ConsenSys committs $3.5 MM to Civil Foundation, Founder plans a simpler token sale

  • The CVL token sales fails to raise 8MM minimum, nearly 3000 people were wiling to participate.
  • Another much simpler token sale is planned.
  • Buyers in the initial sale can opt into this sale, request an immediate refund or be automatically refunded by October 29.
  • ConsenSys committs USD 3.5MM to the civil foundation.

Planned Products

Source : Civil Blog

Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) has formed a Blockchain committee.

IAMAI forms a committee to look into identify opportunities and challenges and work with government, industry and startups to develop the ecosystem. The committee will be chaired by Tina Singh, Chief Digital Officer, Mahindra Finance and co-chaired by Prasanna Lohar, Head –Innovation and Architecture, DCB Bank Limited.

Other members include Manish Gupta, Director- Digital Transformation, Mastercard, Samiran Ghosh, Chief Digital Advisor, Microsoft, Jitan S Chandanani, Blockchain Offerings and Engagement Leader – ISA, IBM, Ravi Chamria, Founder, Sofocle Technologies, Sandeep Goenka, Founder, Zebpay, S Venkat Kumar, Vice President, Kotak, Nitin Chug, Country Head- Digital Banking, HDFC BankNSE -0.04 % amongst others.

Source : Economic Times of India

Decred launches poleitia, turns over control of DCR 570,000 to Decred Stakeholders

Decred takes a step in decentralizing their proposal system. Now all releases of Treasury funds will require a stakeholder vote.

Things to note,

  • The venn diagram of people and entities who have control over Decred’s treasury pre and post poleitia is interesting.
  • JAKE YOCOM-PIATT – will be still required to sign off on transactions as the Development Org’s Manager.
  • There will be a individual vetting process before being allowed to bill for their work, (per seat vetting for companies)
  • Currently, roughly 60% of the monthly Treasury payout is spent on development.

Jake talks about taking a thoughtful approach to spinning up new initiatives as this is a new and big change.

A huge +1 from the standardmeta team to the Decred folks for outlining their goals and processes like this.

Source : Decred Blog

EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum report on blockchain and GDPR

The forum in their paper report that

  • GDPR compliance is not about the technology,, it is about how the technology is used. There is no such thing as a GDPR-compliant blockchain technology, there are only GDPR-compliant use cases and applications.
  • Gdpr’s requirements are easier and simpler to interpret and implement in private, permissioned blockchain networks than in public, permissionless networks.

Tensions between GDPR and blockchain revolve around the following

  • The identifcation and obligations of data controllers and processors.
  • The anonymisation of personal data.
  • The exercise of some data subject rights.

Source : Thematic GDPR Report by EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum[pdf]

Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission exploring ways to regulate crypto

Outgoing chairman Carlson Tong Ka-shing, says “We do not think imposing a total ban on these platforms is necessarily the right approach, and it will not work in today’s internet world when trading can cross national boundaries”

He also spoke about how platforms can be regulated while ensuring investors interests are being protected.

We at standardmeta welcome thoughtful regulation in crypto.

Source: South China Morning Post

NASDAQ exploring a security token platform

NASDAQ is looking to building a security token platform reports The Block. It would be used to issue and trade security tokens.

Source : The Block

SONY wants to use blockchain for DRM

Sony have announced the development of a Digital Right Management system for digital content that will “utilize” blockchain technology. This new system is based on Sony and Sony Global Education’s previously developed system for authenticating, sharing, and rights management of educational data, and additionally features functionality for processing rights-related information.

No word yet on what the system actually does or how it actually uses blockchain tech.

Source : Sony Press Release